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Online store

Our team designs and develops and manages according to your criteria, personalized online shops. No more complex administration related to purchasing, order taking, mopping, inventory management.

Each program, with or without inventory management, is designed to meet your individual and varied goals. Online business stores can be designed to support multiple audiences, from employees and customers to distributors and partners.

We offer solutions tailored to your needs at absolute no charge for you.

* Some conditions and minimum sales apply

To access the demo shop, use the username and the password demo2020

DTF – Direct to film printing

DTF printing: Is a revolutionary technique for personalizing all types of clothing…  This technique consists of printing your design directly on a film,  then transferring it to a t-shirt made of cotton, polyester and their blends of any color.


One of the strongest and most durable customization methods is the embroidery process. This process provides a high-quality finish and gives a high-end and refines image to your clothing.

As you know, your promotional or corporate apparel reflects the image of your company. Thanks to our embroidery department at the cutting edge of technology, we offer many possibilities for identifying your clothing. Whether for your polos, caps, toques, coats, or jackets, embroidery is the identification method you need.


Screen printing is one of the most widely used marking techniques on t-shirts and hoodies. Very durable, it makes it possible to reproduce logos and texts on a textile.

By making a negative, it is possible to transfer a pattern to the garment: the ink is deposited on the fabric by passing through a silk stretched over a frame and the garment is then sent to an oven to fix the color

Visual communication

A corporate event, outdoor advertising, trade faire, each need requires a specific product. Whatever the type of display: banners, stickers, roll-ups, coroplasts, window lettering, exhibition booth, our team will find the solution adapted to your project.

Stationery products

For all your stationery needs: business cards, leaflets, promotional sheets, poster, etc. we offer an excellent printing service, competitive prices and a reliable and fast delivery for various stationery products that will contribute to your visibility and notoriety.

Promotional product

Nowadays, visual communication is essential for a business. To do this, there is a way that efficiency has never been disputed: the promotional product.

The choice is endless, but the end result must remain the same: visibility.

On the other hand, we can never say it enough, a badly selected corporate garment or a badly used promotional product, may not meet the objectives that you would like to achieve. Analyzing your needs is essential in order to ensure maximum penetration of the target market.

For over 20 years, our mission has been to advise you adequately, while respecting your budget, in order to find with you the creative marketing tools that will promote your brand image.

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